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Online Marine Science Courses

Marine science is recognised as an important science for Australia’s future. Many Federal organisations like the CSIRO and The Australian Antarctic Division are seeking marine scientists to assist them in their research. All State Governments employ marine scientists in a variety of departments such as fisheries, rural science, environment and agriculture. Marine science has an array of exciting pathways for people interested in the study of our marine life.

Our Marine Studies online course will give you a great foundation in marine science. This course offers you the opportunity to understand marine ecology systems, understand shallow waters and reefs and to gain a strong knowledge of marine animals. Importantly you will also learn how humans have impacted marine life.
This is a great foundation level course for people seeking a career in marine research or marine conservation.

If you’re looking for something that may be a little more business oriented, our online course on Marine Aquaculture is worth investigating. Marine aquaculture – sometimes known as fish farming – is a growing industry with plenty of potential for new players to enter the market. The online marine aquaculture course will give you a thorough grounding in all aspects of marine aquaculture, including -:

  • How to set up a marine aquaculture business and maintain it
  • The type of fish suitable for marine aquaculture
  • Health management
  • Parasite management

Marine science offers many different possibilities for students. Get started today and enrol in one of our Marine science courses that will put you on the pathway to success.

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